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    Tips For Trucking Safely With Pets

    In the window of a professional semi truck a handsome venerable martial spotted Cocker Spaniel dog peeks out

    Trucking across America is difficult enough on your own. Experts like Kreeger Law, a Sacramento lawyer for truck accidents, and even the US Bureau of Labor Statistics will note that it’s one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Staying safe on the road becomes even more of a challenge with a pet in tow, […]

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    Best car safety products for dogs

    dog in a car

    Part of the fun of having a furry friend is being able to take your pet with you when you hit the open road. Just like our human passengers, our canine companions need to be safe and secure when traveling.  If your seatbelt protects you from catastrophic injuries due to a car accident, then it […]

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    Dog Breeds You Should Learn More About

    The relationship between dogs and humans has seen the two entangled for thousands of years. As such, people have mastered the art of dog breeding; a science that has given rise to a variety of distinct breeds of dogs existing today.  People have been able to cultivate different breeds according to different temperaments, behavioral tendencies, […]

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    Emotional and physical trauma after a dog bite injury

    Most people grow up thinking that dogs are humankind’s best friend. While that’s true in a lot of ways, these animals are still capable of inflicting harm. Dog bites come with obvious physical effects ranging from penetration wounds to the need for stitches, but they can also cause emotional and physical trauma. This is what […]

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    The Ins & Outs of Owning a French Bulldog

    The French Bulldog, often just called the pet Frenchie, or just plain Frenchie, has liquid expressive eyes that have fascinated French artists for the past one hundred years. Their pug-like face has a yearning and melancholy expression that tugs at the heart in a way that the face of a German Shepherd or Cocker Spaniel […]