5 Ways Pets Support Mental Health

Owning and caring for your pet is one of the most fulfilling things in life. It comes with a lot of responsibility and commitment, but also with many great rewards. Among those rewards and benefits are the ways your pet can positively support your mental health. Before getting a pet, make sure to consider that […]

Entrepreneur Michael Andrew Lauchlan Shares His Favorite (Famous) Poems About Pets

Poets generally have a variety of pets. These devoted or quiet friends kept them company while they worked. To some poets, their pets inspired some of their poetry. Michael Andrew Lauchlan, a seasoned entrepreneur shared some of his most favourite and famous poems he finds intriguing. ‘The Pet’ by Cate Marvin Marvin’s pet horse, which […]

How animals can reduce human stress

1. The benefits of pets     Studies have proven the emotional benefits of pets to their human owners, and many of those studies have proven that the bond between humans and pets can improve overall health, decrease stress, and add happiness to the owners lives. Some of these health benefits include: reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol […]

National Pet Day – How To Know When You Are Ready for a Pet

Cats, dogs, birds, and even tigers, basically our furry friends are celebrated on National Pet Day on April 11th. National Pet Day National Pet Day was established by Colleen Paige, animal welfare advocate and pet and family lifestyle expert, in 2006 to celebrate the joy pets bring to us. They do much more than that […]

Pet Friendly Beal Properties On Finding An Apartment Fit For Your Furry Friend

When searching for the perfect space, apartment dwellers often have to consider several factors. Ensuring the presence of amenities, space, and desirable conditions for everyone residing in an apartment is integral to creating a positive space and experience. This includes four-legged friends! While fish, cats, and lizards often don’t require special accommodations, finding the best […]

4 Tips Shared From Ideazon For Launching Your Next Pet Gadget Brand

There are plenty of gadgets and gizmos on the market, and if you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you can see that there’s room for many more. Especially when it comes to the pet gadget industry.  Pet owners are quick to pony up for their furry family members and are always looking for ways to make […]