Taking care of your first hamster

 1. Habitat care for hamsters     One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to hamster care is buying a cage that is too small for your hamster. Many people believe that all hamsters are the same size, but this simply is not true. Every hamster is a little different, so when choosing a cage, make […]

How To Care For Your Dog With CBD

Using CBD to care for your dog: Pixabay Cannabidiol (CBD) is attracting the attention of pet owners, for good reason. Science has revealed the immense potential of CBD in addressing some of the disturbing symptoms that are often troublesome to pets. Hence, pet owners are seeking to understand how best their pets  can enjoy some […]

How animals can reduce human stress

1. The benefits of pets     Studies have proven the emotional benefits of pets to their human owners, and many of those studies have proven that the bond between humans and pets can improve overall health, decrease stress, and add happiness to the owners lives. Some of these health benefits include: reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol […]