Guide to Planning an Outdoor Family Photo Session

The Value of Outdoor Family Photos

Family photos serve as more than just decorative pieces; they bond families, encapsulate joy, and act as historical markers of growth. Whether it’s for sending out holiday cards or simply to adorn the living room wall, an outdoor family photo captures the essence of familial unity against nature’s backdrop. Yet, achieving that perfect outdoor family photo requires effort and preparation.

Identifying the Prime Time for an Outdoor Family Photo

To get the most out of a family photo session, timing is key. Weather can play a capricious role, and there might be days when you’re just waiting for that perfect sunlight. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Morning Sessions: For families with young members, morning is often ideal. Post-breakfast, when everyone is refreshed and energetic, can make for cheerful photos. The soft morning light can elevate the quality of a family photo.
  • Golden Hour: Widely regarded as the pinnacle for photographers, the golden hour offers warm, soft light. Family photos taken during this period radiate a magical aura, especially if the photographer captures sun flares.
  • Cloudy Ambiance: Contrary to popular belief, cloudy days can be a boon. The overcast sky provides diffused light which can be flattering, lending a softness to the family photo, especially in close-ups.

Location, Location, Location

The essence of an outdoor family photo session is the chosen venue. It’s not just about the backdrop, but also about the feel and convenience it offers.

Scouting various locations can offer multiple backdrops in one session. To ensure your family photos are versatile, consider hiring a professional photographer who can recommend and scout suitable spots.

Prepping for the Perfect Family Photoshoot

Preparation ensures that the family photo session goes smoothly:

  • Arrive Early: Ensure that everyone, especially kids, have ample time to relax and get into the mood.
  • Ensure Everyone is Well-rested and Fed: A cheerful family photo is possible when everyone is at their best. Choosing the best time according to children’s routines can make a difference.
  • Keep it Fun: Surprise the kids! Instead of revealing it’s ‘photo day’, consider integrating a fun activity. A spontaneous family photo with genuine laughter can be priceless.

Dressing Up for the Family Photo

Clothing plays a significant role in a family photo. It’s about blending styles while retaining individuality.

  • Seasonal Tones: Go with browns and darker shades during fall and winter, while spring and summer family photos pop with brighter colors.
  • Surrounding Matters: Outfits should complement, not clash with, the background. However, merging completely isn’t advisable either.
  • Weather Check: On a cloudy day, a splash of color against the gray can uplift a family photo.
  • When in Doubt, Go Neutral: Neutral tones like whites, grays, and tans rarely disappoint. They offer a timeless look.

Photographers are invaluable in guiding the family photo process. From suggesting outfits to pinpointing locales, their expertise can transform an ordinary session into a memorable experience.

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