4 Tips Shared From Ideazon For Launching Your Next Pet Gadget Brand

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There are plenty of gadgets and gizmos on the market, and if you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you can see that there’s room for many more. Especially when it comes to the pet gadget industry. 

Pet owners are quick to pony up for their furry family members and are always looking for ways to make their lives as pet owners easier. When it comes to launching a new pet gadget brand, it’s crucial to get it right from the beginning.

That’s according to Ideazon, the leading crowdfunding agency. Ideazon has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch brands and products and knows exactly how to make one brand stand out from the pack. 

We caught up with the team behind Ideazon, to find out four tips for launching your next pet gadget brand.

Know your target audience

This is a pretty universal principal which especially applies to pet gadget brands. In order to succeed with your target audience, you first have to know and understand your target audience

What do they want in a pet gadget brand, but more importantly, why would they want your product? It’s important to step into the shoes of pet owners, so you’re not only creating a product they’ll love, but you’ll understand how to market it, and package the brand as a whole.

Know who you’re up against

Like we said, there are gadgets and gizmos galore out there, and yes, even in the pet gadget space. Before you launch your next pet gadget brand, it’s important to study your competition. Even if you’re similar to a competitor brand, it’s better to know your enemy. 

See what your competition does well and see where they’re falling short. The best advice? Really analyze their gaps and see how your product can do better.

Make sure you have professional marketing assets

This one may be the most non-negotiable, according to Ideazon. Your pet gadget launch is going to be very public, and from the beginning, your prospective clients are going to have eyeballs on your work. 

That’s why it’s crucial that your marketing assets, such as social media and video elements, are flawless. That’s also why Ideazon has their own in-house team that creates videos and other marketing elements, such as branding, for their entrepreneurs. They believe these assets need to be eye-catching, sleek, professional, and need to draw in your customers from the get-go.

Tap into social media to promote your gadget

It’s not enough to have a great idea. You need to make sure the right people see it, so that they’ll put their money in your product. The power of social media can help ensure your potential clients see your new pet gadget brand.

If you’re looking to maximize your visibility and your chances of success, there are certain additional steps you can take, to make sure you succeed. A great place to start is on social media, and on Facebook in particular.

Not only can you tap into your own social circle, and encourage them to share your product, but you can use social media tools like hashtags, influencer campaigns, and paid promotions to ensure your product reaches a maximum audience.

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About Ideazon

Ideazon is a crowdfunding agency which has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch crowdfunding campaigns. To read more from Ideazon, you can follow them on LinkedIn and on Twitter.