Is Your Dog Making You Healthier?

Now that my kids are growing up and my wife has a busy career, my main buddy is my little dog, Beandip. Other than being a good little guy to keep me company, according to some studies, he might actually be making me healthier. According to the American Heart Association, “Dog ownership is associated with […]

Dog Breeds You Should Learn More About

The relationship between dogs and humans has seen the two entangled for thousands of years. As such, people have mastered the art of dog breeding; a science that has given rise to a variety of distinct breeds of dogs existing today.  People have been able to cultivate different breeds according to different temperaments, behavioral tendencies, […]

The Ins & Outs of Owning a French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, often just called the pet Frenchie, or just plain Frenchie, has liquid expressive eyes that have fascinated French artists for the past one hundred years. Their pug-like face has a yearning and melancholy expression that tugs at the heart in a way that the face of a German Shepherd or Cocker Spaniel […]

7 Incredible Benefits of CBD for Dogs

The medical benefits of CBD have been widely documented for people. From working as a pain reliever, to a stress reliever, to an anticonvulsant, the medical field is brimming with exciting when it comes to what CBD can offer.  Here at Relievet, we have broken down the 7 incredible things that CBD can offer man’s […]