A Pet Owner’s Molekule Review: Do These Stylish Air Purifiers Really Live Up to the Hype?

If you own a dog, cat or another pet with fur, you will likely benefit from an air purifier removing allergens from the air, so guests and family members with allergies are more comfortable in the home. However, the market has an abundance of air purifiers, some that work quite well and others that do little to improve air quality.

Molekule’s air purifiers are garnering considerable interest and rave reviews due to their advanced technology, ease of use and superior performance. Check out the Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini Review pages and you will find a litany of praise. Let’s take a quick look at whether Molekule air purifiers are worth the money.

Is an Investment in a Molekule Air Purifier Justifiable?

In short, yes. If you own a pet and are sensitive to dust and dander, adding a Molekule air purifier to your home can certainly help reduce their presence in the air.

Molekule air purifiers are especially effective at destroying allergens like pollen and dander, which can trigger allergies. Even if you do not have pet allergies, some of the visitors to your home are likely to be allergic to cats, dogs or other furry pets in your home. In fact, your dog, cat or other pet might even be allergic to specific allergens lingering in your indoor air.

Take a moment to think about the seemingly countless allergens your furry friend brings in from the outdoors. Even if you have an indoor cat, your kitty’s fur will inevitably collect allergens from your air ducts as well as the particles you and your family members bring in from the outdoors.

There is no sense subjecting yourself, your loved ones and your guest to these allergens when a Molekule air purifier can collect them, help purify your indoor air and ultimately reduce respiratory triggers. 

The Perfect Air Purification Solution for Apartments

Members of the millennial age cohort and Generation Z are sometimes referred to as “Generation Rent.”  Sadly, homeownership has become a pipe dream for many of these cash-strapped, debt-carrying youngsters. Even if you can afford a house yet choose to live in an apartment, you might benefit from the addition of a Molekule air purifier to your living space.

Molekule air purifiers enhance the quality of indoor air, removing unsavory, odorous particles from the air. According to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Molekule air purifiers are capable of removing limonene, a molecule that creates smell, from the air.

This air purification is especially important for those living in one-bedroom, two-bedroom and studio apartments where there is minimal space. Let the Molekule air purifier work its magic and see if you notice a difference in the cleanliness, freshness and smell of your apartment air.

The comparably small and affordable Molekule Air Mini purifies air in smaller rooms. This machine purifies air in home offices, studio apartments, children’s bedrooms, home studies, and other small spaces.

The Molekule Air Mini replaces air in rooms up to 250 square feet every single hour. This nifty little machine is specifically designed to rest on elevated counters, tables, and other surfaces, pulling in pollutants from all directions, destroying them and delivering fresh air.

Air Purification Beyond Allergen Destruction

Aside from allergens, pets carry dander, dirt, dust, and odors on their fur. Why bother bringing your dog to the groomer for a thorough bathing every couple weeks to keep his or her fur fresh when you can potentially remove the odor from your living space with an air purifier?  Give Molekule air purifiers a chance and you could find that these nifty devices:

  • Destroy those disgusting odorous particles in your indoor air
  • Remove airborne dander and allergens from your living space
  • Combat other nasty particles

In fact, you will likely notice a meaningful improvement in the smell of your home’s air within a few hours of adding a Molekule air purifier. The removal of pet odor from your house can make it feel like a true home.

Once your Molekule air purifier gets your indoor pet odor under control, you might feel less self-conscious when friends, family, colleagues, and others visit to socialize. 

Air Purification in an Elegant Manner

Unlike many space heaters and home humidifiers, Molekule air purifiers are designed in an artful manner. These visually striking, seemingly futuristic consumer tech devices are fairly diminutive in size yet elegant in style.

The addition of a Molekule air purifier to your house, apartment or other space will enhance this indoor environment’s overarching aesthetic, potentially serving as an interesting conversation piece as opposed to an eyesore.

Quiet Air Purification

Some renters and homeowners hesitate to spend on an air purifier simply because they have heard these devices create noise pollution. Though some other air purifiers generate annoying noise, Molekule air purifiers are comparably quiet. Molekule engineers worked hard to minimize the sound emitted by these air purification machines.

In fact, even the lightest sleepers rave about the minimal noise generated by these air purification machines in the many Molekule reviews posted to the web. 

Those who can make out the minimal noise emitted by their Molekule air purifiers tend to find the noise soothing rather than irritating. This is because consistent, ambient sounds like those created by air filters and fans are what experts refer to as “white noise,” which is proven to help people sleep better and focus more effectively. It can even help soothe fussy babies.

Air Purification for Every Room of Your Home

Molekule’s PECO purification technology works in every single room of apartments and homes, ranging from family rooms to living rooms, master bedrooms and beyond. This unique technology replaces air particles in 600-square-foot rooms every single hour of the morning, day and night.

Molekule air purifiers function with a 360-degree air intake system that pulls in pollutants from all angles. The PECO technology, developed by Molekule Chief Scientist Dr. Yogi Goswami, destroys pollutants and generates clean air in the room where it is placed.

According to the Molekule website, it took Dr. Goswami two decades of in-depth research and painstaking development to perfect this now-patented technology. Molekule air purifiers are the sole products that use PECO technology to destroy pollutants safely and efficiently. 

Here’s a quick look at how PECO technology works: A catalytic reaction occurs along the system’s filter surface through light activation, ensuring the device successfully breaks down allergens, mold, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs in the air.

This nanocatalyst technology uses the same free radicals scientists rely upon to combat cancer cells to destroy pollutants at the molecular level. PECO technology can destroy pollutants that conventional HEPA technology simply can’t trap. Until now, air purifiers have attempted to collect pollutants on filters where they can multiply and be released back into the air.

In contrast, Molekule’s PECO technology destroys a vast range of mold and bacteria. If you have any doubts about this technology, sleuth the web for Molekule reviews and you can find substantial evidence backing Molekule’s promise.

The Most Convenient Air Purifier for Pet Owners on the Market

Wouldn’t it be nice if your air purifier’s filters were delivered right to your door throughout the entirety of the year? Imagine if you could control your air purifier in a wireless manner directly from your smartphone. These are two key benefits of Molekule air purifiers for busy pet owners.

Filter refills are provided in an automatic manner, exactly when you need them for unparalleled convenience. In fact, the company is continuously working on filter improvements to provide pet owners with the industry’s best filter technology as soon as it becomes available. 

Read Molekule reviews on the web and you will find mention of the company’s latest filter tech designed to destroy pollutants, pet dander, pet odor, and even microscopic VOCs. VOC is an acronym that stands for volatile organic compound, a gaseous pollutant. However, there is no need to request filter delivery immediately after you purchase a Molekule air purifier as these devices are sold with six months worth of filters.

This means you can square your focus on your pets and live life to the fullest without having to worry about constantly replacing your Molekule air filters.Perhaps the best part about Molekule devices is they are sold with a risk-free 30-day tryout period in which you can gauge their effectiveness. This is an invaluable opportunity for pet owners to determine if their Molekule air purifier is worth the cost.

If you feel as though the machine does not combat pet allergens, dander, odor and other unsavory particles as promised, you will get your money back as long as it’s within the 30-day home trial period. However, if you are like most others (this Molekule reviewer included) who try Molekule air purifiers, you might be so happy with the quality of your indoor air that the thought of returning the device does not even cross your mind.