Does Your Dog Bark Excessively? Train & Quiet Your Dog With BarxBuddy!

Even the most beloved family dogs can come with what we’ll call personality quirks. From gnawing on chair legs to unwanted shedding, having a dog really means having an unpredictable creature in your home. For many dog owners, they deal with a dog that barks excessively. A new device is helping pet owners train and quiet their dogs, and it’s called BarxBuddy. It can be incredibly frustrating to have a dog that yaps nonstop, at everything from the garbage truck to other dogs. BarxBuddy dog training device recently caught my attention online, when one writer said all dog owners should have this device. When I read about the results, I saw that BarxBuddy is really making differences for dog owners and families everywhere. For whatever reason, excessive barking can be difficult to remedy, especially as pups become integrated into the home. BarxBuddy is helping dog owners everywhere put this issue to bed and helping them train and quiet their dogs.

What Is BarxBuddy?

BarxBuddy dog training device is a small, portable training device, which emits a high-pitched sound. Only dogs can hear the sound, and it’s harmless to them, which is great, because it gets their attention, without causing them distress. The BarxBuddy dog training device also has an LED light, to help you during your training process.

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How does BarxBuddy Work?

BarxBuddy is the perfect training companion to help quell excessive barking. When your dog is yapping, just reach for your BarxBuddy. Press the button to emit the sound and get your dog’s attention. You can also use the light to help. Once they’ve stopped barking, you have the perfect training opportunity. A great method is to simply have your dog sit patiently for a while. Once they’re calm, you can give them some positive reinforcement, like a hug or a treat. The BarxBuddy helps turn chaotic moments into excellent training opportunities, to help correct unwanted behaviors.

Pros of Using BarxBuddy

BarxBuddy is great for training and quieting your dog for several key reasons:

  • It brings training into the home. Typically, dog owners will bring their dog to outside training courses, which can be costly. Not only that, but many times, dog owners find these lessons difficult to continue and reinforce once they’re back home. By using BarxBuddy dog training device, you’re in control of your pup’s training from start to finish, and you’ll be the one they’re most obedient with.
  • It’s portable and handy. BarxBuddy is a small and sleek device, and it’s extremely simple to use. You can keep several BarxBuddy devices in your home in ideal locations, so you can grab one whenever your pup starts acting up, in order to make the most of your training. Take one on a walk, keep a few around the home, and bring them along for journeys in the car. The more often you use the BarxBuddy, the better and more consistent your training will be.
  • BarxBuddy can also be used as a safety device. Sometimes, your own dog may not be the issue, but other dogs you encounter while out in your neighborhood. You can keep a BarxBuddy in your bag or pocket, in case you run into an unfriendly or aggressive dog while you’re on your walks. It’ll get their attention and could help you out in a dangerous situation.

How to Try BarxBuddy
BarxBuddy is easy to try, since it comes with a 30-day hassle-free return policy, so you can give it a try, and see if it’s best for you. You also get 50% off your first order, which will ship for free right to your door. To keep up with the latest on BarxBuddy, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.