Best car safety products for dogs

dog in a car

Part of the fun of having a furry friend is being able to take your pet with you when you hit the open road. Just like our human passengers, our canine companions need to be safe and secure when traveling. 

If your seatbelt protects you from catastrophic injuries due to a car accident, then it can protect your beloved pets as well. Whether your pet is big or small, these products are guaranteed to ensure their safety in the event of an accident. 

Best for Small Dogs – K&H Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat

This lightweight and easy to install booster seat is perfect for keeping your pet safe and secure while you’re driving. Like a traditional car seat, the K&H Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat is buckled into the car using a seat belt. This product has tether attached to hooks on the car seat that attach to your pet’s harness, as well as a bucket design that makes your pet feel secure.

Best for Frequent Travelers – Snoozer Wheel Around Pet Travel Carrier

If you’re always on the go and want your pet to be right there with you, the Snoozer Wheel Around 4-in-1 Pet Travel Carrier is an excellent option. The carrier has wheels and a telescoping handle so you can pull it along, or you can wear it like a backpack. It can easily be converted to a car seat, but the base can also be removed and folded to create a dog bed. 

Best for Larger Dogs – Pawaboo Harness Seat Belt

Larger dogs may not need a car seat, but it’s still important to keep them safe and secure when traveling. The Pawaboo Harness Seat Belt attaches to your existing seat belt by a tether and D-Ring system. It easily converts to a walking harness, too, by just clipping a leash to it. The padded harness and the user-friendly design, along with a low price tag will make everyone happy.

Safety Pick – Gunner Kennel G1 Intermediate

No one wants to think about getting in an accident, especially when you’re traveling with your pet, but accidents do happen. If you want the best protection for your 4-legged friend, look no further. The Center for Pet Safety gives this crate its highest 5-Star rating thanks to all of the furry lives it’s saved. 

Things to Consider 

Before purchasing car safety products for your pet, you should consider your pet’s personality. Some animals love looking out the window and watching the world go by. A booster car seat is a great choice for these furry friends. Some pets are naturally anxious or nervous about traveling, making an enclosed kennel a better choice for providing them with comfort and security.

Keep in mind that pet restraints, such as car seats or harnesses are primarily used for the safety of the driver. Having your pet stable and secure in a moving vehicle will help you keep your eyes on the road, but may not protect your pet in a collision. For this type of protection, you may want to spend the extra money and invest in a crate with a high rating from the Center for Pet Safety.