National Pet Day – How To Know When You Are Ready for a Pet

Cats, dogs, birds, and even tigers, basically our furry friends are celebrated on National Pet Day on April 11th.

  1. National Pet Day

National Pet Day was established by Colleen Paige, animal welfare advocate and pet and family lifestyle expert, in 2006 to celebrate the joy pets bring to us. They do much more than that as besides stealing our hearts, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has been studying for over a decade to determine that pets actually contribute to overall cardiovascular health by lowering cortisol, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels. They do wonder for children’s emotional wellbeing and development.

Ms. Paige also wanted to bring attention to the ongoing needs of many pets of all kinds waiting in shelters to be adopted which is how “Don’t shop! Adopt!” has become the holiday’s motto. Although Colleen’s holiday got its start in the U.S., but it soon expanded across the globe with many celebrities endorsing the holiday.

National Pet Day is also one of the best days for kids to convince their parents to adopt a pet, so many families get larger on this day for one furry member.

2. Are Your Ready for a Pet

Pets actually become family members. They will enrich your life but they also change your life as having a pet comes with the responsibility to care for another living being. In a way, it’ll be like having a baby, except this child won’t grow up throughout its lifetime.

Here are a few things that indicate your family is ready to welcome a furry angel.

Your child is comfortable around animals and knows how to behave

Many people mistakenly believe that getting a pet will cure the fear of animals and what you end up doing is traumatize both the person and the poor animal. Don’t force your child to interact with pets or touch them, let your example of interacting with them guide them out of their own fears. Kids must also understand that pets cannot be tugged or hit so it’s up to you to show them they are to be treated gently.

You and your child are committed

Remembering to brush one’s teeth every day without being reminded is a good indication of a child’s maturity level and readiness to care for a pet. But, you still need to be ready to step in as children should be expected to participate in the pet’s care as opposed to being the main caretakers.

A pet fits your family

Not every pet or even dog breed is right for your family. Consider which pets fit the time and space you have available as the entire family should be engaged in this process.

Consider the costs

Your pet will need to be fed, groomed and taken to the vet. You might even need pet day care when you are working or go away. Your Centerpoint Energy bill may also go up due to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature even when you are away.

  1. How To Plan and Prepare for a New Pet

Now that you’ve decided to enrich your love with unconditional love that pets bring, it’s time to get ready to welcome your furry friend.

Pet-proof your home

You need to make sure your pet doesn’t get near hazardous ornaments during the holidays, poisonous plants, trash cans and dangerous substances like chemicals.  Ensure that you keep lawn care products & tools, cleaning solutions, toys with small pieces that can be swallowed, medications, sugar-free gum, chocolate, and electronic cords outside from your pet’s reach. Secure doors and windows.

Prepare your pet’s space

Pets need their own space, just like us. After you buy the basket or kennel, where will you put it along with its toys?

Prepare for an adjustment period

Baby dogs and baby cats can cry just as human babies as they adjust to their new home after being separated from their mum. Be patient and loving to soothe them.

TakeawayDon’t wait for April 11th to show your pet some love or get a pet. On this day, our furry babies are to be spoiled to the fullest and more than on any other day. Owners should go all out to lavish their pets with the adoration and care they deserve every day as having a pet is indeed one of life’s delights.