Pet Friendly Beal Properties On Finding An Apartment Fit For Your Furry Friend

dog in a car

When searching for the perfect space, apartment dwellers often have to consider several factors. Ensuring the presence of amenities, space, and desirable conditions for everyone residing in an apartment is integral to creating a positive space and experience.

This includes four-legged friends! While fish, cats, and lizards often don’t require special accommodations, finding the best space for Fido can sometimes necessitate space considerations, proximity to dog parks, landlord allowances, and other factors. Chicago’s Beal Properties, a leading property owner and operator with a robust portfolio of over 100 multi-unit buildings, boasts some of the city’s most desirable dog-friendly spaces.

The professionals at Beal Properties recognize the importance of creating a great space for wagging tails. Below, these experts share their tips for apartment hunters ready to find their fur-ever space.

Utilize Online Resources

Most apartment hunters utilize the assistance of online resources to browse listings, check out photos of potential spaces, and gain insight about various details of their desired spaces. When searching for a new space, many individuals take advantage of listing sites, which allow users to filter through needed amenities, price ranges, and other important factors. Most sites allow users to filter through buildings and units that accept animals. Thus, this is a great place to start, and can help apartment hunters narrow down their search. 

Within over 65% of Millennials owning a pet, more and more property managers are accepting pets on premises. At Beal Properties, all of the buildings in the company’s expansive portfolio are pet friendly, and Property Managers often communicate with tenants about their pet needs. For individuals and families who do not own a pet at the time of relocation, but are on the fence about adopting a furry friend, the experts at Beal Properties encourage prospective tenants to err on the side of caution.

For apartment hunters who may have a pet in the future, acquiring a pet-friendly space in advance will eliminate any tough choices from having to be made in the future. For prospective pet owners, having to choose between staying in a beloved apartment that doesn’t allow pets versus fulfilling their dream of dog ownership can cause strife. Thus, if a canine buddy can potentially be in the future, securing a supportive space now can be a proactive way to create a smooth transition to pet ownership.

Get Confirmation

While general online information offers a great source of preliminary insight, different property management companies may have bespoke rules, or unique rules that pertain only to certain buildings. Thus, once initial searches are narrowed down, it is important to directly contact prospective landlords for further details.

Some property managers and landlords may have size restrictions for dogs, or other regulations based on noise considerations, etc. In addition to size restrictions, dogs often require a little more breathing room than other critters. With that in mind, a large breed of dog may not feel the most comfortable in a 300 square foot studio apartment. 

Additionally, some landlords and rental professionals may require additional security deposits for pets, or a slightly increased monthly rent. These regulations vary by building, property manager, or landlord. By garnering confirmation directly from the source, apartment hunters will be able to confidently move forward with their plans, without the risk of any surprises in the process. 

Polish Up Your Dog’s Resume

For existing pet owners, relocating to a new apartment can be increasingly seamless with a letter of recommendation from a previous landlord. If Fido was on his best behavior at another location, prospective landlords can be more accommodating.

Along with a standard rental application, prospective tenants can include letters of recommendation from previous landlords, updated vaccination certifications, obedience training records, and any other confirmation of compliance with rules, behavioral accolades, etc.

Consider Your Pet’s Needs

Older pets sometimes require physical infrastructure that is conducive to any limitations. For example, aging dogs with arthritis may not do so well in a fourth floor walkup style apartment. Similarly, highly energetic puppies may destroy brand new hardwood floors, and cause a ruckus for all neighbors directly below.

These considerations can impact overall success of life, and can sometimes make the difference between an enjoyable experience, and a problematic one. Thus, for dog owners, considering a pet’s unique physical needs and limitations should be a thoughtful and considerate process.

Find A Dog Park

In cities, finding recreational areas for dogs is important. Apart from a daily walk in the concrete jungle, dogs can enjoy romps in designated dog parks, or enjoy some company at local doggy daycares. For residents relocating to new neighborhoods, researching these pet-friendly amenities can be an important part of choosing a new area.

In major cities, many other places accept furry companions, including restaurants with outdoor seating areas. Chicago is generally a pet-friendly city, and many amenities exist for dogs across unique neighborhood settings. From on-demand dog walkers to almost a dozen designated dog parks, Chicago boasts many pet-friendly areas. 

Understanding the desire for apartments located in close proximity to transportation, green space, and pet-friendly needs, Beal Properties specifically searches for the most opportune locations when adding to their portfolio. For Chicago-based apartment hunters looking for a pet-friendly space, Beal Properties encourages all prospective renters to check out spaces in close proximity to dog parks. Beal Properties even has “dog runs” at select properties.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are a big part of any family. Any dog owner will attest to the notion that their four-legged friend offers companionship, happiness, and adventure. Thus, dogs should be given just as much consideration in the relocation process as their human counterparts.

For existing dog owners, there are several ways to streamline the apartment search process. From utilizing online tools to polishing up a pet’s credentials, being proactive will ensure a smooth transition into a new space. For potential dog owners, finding a pet-friendly space well in advance of anticipated ownership will make the process that much easier. Either way, there’s something out there for everyone, four legged friends included!