The Ins & Outs of Owning a French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, often just called the pet Frenchie, or just plain Frenchie, has liquid expressive eyes that have fascinated French artists for the past one hundred years. Their pug-like face has a yearning and melancholy expression that tugs at the heart in a way that the face of a German Shepherd or Cocker Spaniel just can’t compete with. Their chunky, athletic, build means they can keep on going when other smaller dogs are ready to give up. And because they are a short hair breed they are easy to clean up after. They have gone permanently viral on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which may explain their eye-popping price tag, as well as how popular a Frenchie owner instantly becomes whenever he or she takes their pet Frenchie out for a walk in public. Children and adults just cannot help themselves, but have to stop you just so they can ooh and ah over your French Bulldog, especially when they are wearing fancy accessories and pet it obsessively.

If you already own a pet Frenchie you are well away from all their adorable positives, and also their whimsical negatives. If you’re thinking of becoming an owner, you need to pick up on the following information so you can make an informed decision. 

First and foremost, is the expense of buying and keeping a French Bulldog. They are not cheap. If you come across one for sale for anything less than four thousand dollars, you should immediately suspect some kind of fraud or scam. Curiously enough, the breed itself is no longer very popular in France, and with the convoluted French export laws when it comes to purchasing animals, it’s almost impossible to get one out of the country anyway. Right now the best pet Frenchie breeders are in Australia, where a Frenchie pup can cost anywhere from four to five thousand American dollars. 

And once you’ve acquired your Frenchie you have to expect, and plan for, regular trips to the vet, because the breed is very prone to certain health challenges such as hip dysplasia and recurrent infections of ear worm. But once past those hurdles, you’ll find your Frenchie to be an intelligent and affectionate companion. 

Life with a French Bulldog is amazing, but one thing is for certain, they really know how to make a mess sometimes.  One of the best tasks to follow through with is keeping things clean and sanitary, both for your pets and for your family. Dogs have a way of getting into dirt and mud, as well as loving a life of few baths to interrupt their busy days. Keeping everyone safe means keeping small sharp objects out of the way, as they can be chewed and swallowed, which is what a good tidying session will accomplish for you. It’s also important to do regular sweeping and mopping of hard floor surfaces, whether you do this yourself or hire professional cleaners.

One final word, on feeding. The French Bulldog breed has a very delicate stomach, and breaks wind easily and frequently when fed the wrong things, or overfed. It’s best to stick to a basic dry dog food soaked in skim milk. Never feed them table scraps. You can reward them with wet food, if you wish, but only about once a week. Otherwise you’ll be dealing with continual flatulence.